Roku Error Code 009

Facing Roku error code 009? And trying to fix it at the earliest? Then you are landed on the right place and will surely find the right solution to fix this error. 

You can solve the problem only when you are aware of what exactly the problem is. So firstly you should know that the Roku error code 009 occurs when your device is unable to connect with the internet through a router. The device is connected fine with the router but unable to gain access to the internet through it and automatically you will fail to access the channels. But nothing to worry about! It’s not a big deal because I am here your technical supporter to whom you can follow and find the unerring solution within a short period.

How to Fix Roku Error Code 009

Losing connections lead you to different types of screens. You will find below the kind of screens with messages when you will lose the connection.

  • Unable to connect to wireless network: A black screen will appear in front of your eyes with the message of “Unable to connect to wireless network”. This message pops up when you are trying to connect your Roku device with your wireless network.
  • Not connected to the Internet: While trying to launch the streaming channel if you lost the internet connection then you will find the Message of “Not connected to the internet” on your screen. Channels require an internet connection and if Roku player is not connected to the internet then you need to set up the internet connection.
  • Loading, please wait or No Connection: You will see the error screen with message of “Loading, please wait” or “No Connection” if the network connection is lost during the playback.

Nothing is rocket science so nothing is this issue also. Come and follow some ways shared and get a solution of Roku error code 009.

Make sure you select or enter the correct wireless network name. Entering the wrong network name can lead you to the screen of “Unable to connect to wireless network”. If you are not sure whether your Roku device is connected to the right network then you can follow the below points to find your right network.

  • Find out to which network your technical devices like computers or phones are connected with. To the same network, your Roku device should be connected.
  • On the screen of choose your network click on the scan button if you are unable to find your network name in the list of available networks.
  • Check at the bottom of your router to find out whether the default name written over there or not.

Enter Correct Password

Entering the wrong password can also be the reason for the connection issue. If your device fails to connect to the wireless connection then don’t wait to check the password you entered. Re-enter your password carefully to avoid the mistake. Don’t forget that the network password is case sensitive. On the “On-Screen keyboard” use a shift button to enter a capital letter. Most people usually make a mistake due to not entering capital letters. Type the same password you usually type to connect your phone or computer devices with the home network. You can select “Show password” option to see the password you are entering and it will help you to enter accurate and correct passwords.

Checking the functionality of your router is also important. Try to connect your mobile or computer device with your home network and check whether it is accessing the internet or searching for any public website. If your mobile or computer device is getting access to the internet then there is no issue in your router. And if you are unable to connect to the internet then try to restart your router (see step 5th given below).

You have selected the correct wireless network, enter the correct password and your router is successfully providing internet access, but still, your Roku device fails to connect to the wireless network then there might be an issue in the strength of your wireless network.You can easily check the strength of your wireless network and can find out if strength is the issue or not. To check the strength of your wireless network go to “Setting” first then select “Network” and then a screen will reflect with showing the strength of your wireless network as Poor, Fair, Good or Excellent. But you will be unable to see the strength of the networks if your device is not connected and for that, you need to set up a new wireless connection. 

If strength of the network is showing as good or excellent then it will make you confident that strength is no more the problem but if strength is showing as poor or fair then try the following ways to improve the strength of your wireless network.

  • Distance between the router and your Roku device decides the strength of the signals. The farther the Roku device is from the router then the weaker the signals will be. So try to locate the router near the Roku device.
  • Change the direction of routers antennas.
  • Try to move the Roku device and router upward.
  • Try to move the things side that comes in between your router and Roku device.

Restarting your Roku player and router could be helpful in connecting with wireless networks. It can take a few moments for the Roku device and router both to restart so have some patience while implementing the same.

  • To restart your Roku Device: Firstly go to “Settings” select “System” then select “System Restart”. Or you can also try to unplug the Roku player. After unplugging wait for some moment and then again do plugin.
  • To restart your Router: Press the reset button showing on the router device. Or you can also unplug it and then plug it in after a few seconds.

Implement the above-given solutions to troubleshoot the Roku error code 009. Maybe you will be successful to fix Roku error code 009 after trying one or two steps only from all the above solutions. And if you are still in trouble to handle this even after trying all the ways then, don’t worry we are here for you to help you out. Get your phone and make a call on our contact 1-855-945-3209 to connect with our technical experts who are available only for you for the help.

If you are searching for the solution from any of the Roku error code, 005, 003, 016, 018 and 014.30 then you are most welcome here, your solutions are all ready which will provide you the best technical support to fix any of the above mentioned Roku error code.

Roku Error Code 016

While launching the channels, issues in the network connectivity can raise the Roku Error Code 016. It can be due to the weak signals, problem in Router functionality and entering incorrect network name and password. It is a frequent issue and can happen any time. But why to worry if you already have a solution to deal with it. Follow the above-written solutions mentioned above in “Point 2” and the Roku Error Code 016 will disappear from your screen.

Roku Error Code 014.30

Roku Error Code 014.30 usually reflects on our screens while streaming on the Roku Device and this error pops up on our screen when Roku device find difficulty to connect with WIFI. It can be due to poor signals, slow internet speed, entering the wrong network name or password and blocking of unknown MAC Addresses.


1.Might be your Roku device get blocked due to the unrecognized of MAC Address. To your router, enter the MAC Address provided on the error screen to know whether it can be helpful to unblock the Roku device.

2. Also, try to follow the solutions given in “Point 2” above if there is no issue with MAC Address.

Solutions of all Roku Error Codes 005, 003, 016, 018 and 014.30 provided above will surely help you to troubleshoot any of the above error. Fixing the Roku Error Code is not a big issue if you are familiar with the right solution. But definitely can create a mess if you are unable to get the right way. But here we provide full technical support to the ones who struggle to meet their solutions relevant to the Roku error codes. If you are still not able to fix any of the above Roku error code then you can chat to get connected to the technical supporter or technician who will help you to fix any Roku Error Code any time.


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