How to Connect Roku to Wi-Fi

How to Connect Roku to Wi-Fi

Connecting Roku to the internet is the first thing you need to do when streaming is all you want. You are allowed to connect your Roku TV with internet via Ethernet, i.e. wired connection and another one is Wi-Fi i.e. wireless connection. And if you have a streaming stick, then you will get only one option i.e. wireless.

If you are connecting your Roku for the very first time, then during the setup process the step of connecting Roku to the internet is included in it. Following steps lead you to the way to connect Roku to Wi-Fi.

1) Select the "Wireless" Option

Two options of “Wired” and “Wireless” for internet connection you will receive during set up of Roku TV. From which you will have to choose “Wireless” option to connect the Roku to Wi-Fi. If you have Roku streaming stick, then you will not get Wired option there.

Note: You can select Wired option for an internet connection and that is only when you want to connect your Roku TV with your router with the help of an Ethernet cable.

3) Select your Wireless Network

Scanning will show you all available networks and now you have to select your wireless network from all. But if you are still unable to find your network within the list, then hit the scan option again and check if it is available there.

Note: If you fail to see your wireless network after scanning again and again, then there might be another reason of inadequate distance between your Roku device and Router. Try to place the Roku device and Router closer for better connectivity.

2) Lets your Roku device scan the available networks

After selecting the Wireless option, wait for a while until your Roku device starts scanning automatically for all available networks in between its range.

4) Enter your correct Password

Once you have selected wireless network, then it will check whether the Wi-Fi is working properly or not. Checking will let you know if you have chosen the right network or not. If it is working, then you can go ahead further by entering your network password. Make sure you have entered right and accurate password. Entering wrong password will not let your device connect to your network.

Once you type the password don’t forget to click Connect. And here you go, you will get a confirmation stating that Roku device is connected to the internet.

Note: When Roku Connected to Wi-Fi then the device will automatically search for all available software updates. Install them and download them if found any. Roku device will reboot or restart after finishing software update process and wait until the process get finished.

If you are using wired connection and wondering how to switch Wired into Wi-Fi connection then here are some steps you need to follow to connect Roku to Wi-Fi.

1) Take your remote and press the Home button.

2) After pressing the Home button, in the Roku onscreen menu, select Setting option and then click the option of Network.

3) Now select Set Up Connection.

4) Once you select Set Up Connection, a screen with two options of Wireless and Wired will pop up. Then select an option of Wireless.

5) Roku device will automatically scan the available networks. Your network will also show in that available network list.

6) Select your network when it appears.

7) Now type your network password and click the Connect option.

8) Wait until you get the confirmation of your connection.

After you receive the confirmation, then you are successful here switching your Wired connection to the Wireless or connecting Roku to Wi-Fi after first time setup.

How to connect Roku to Wi-Fi in Hotel or College Dorm.

Some people take their streaming stick and box where ever they travel like in a Hotel or In a Dorm room and that is the best feature people love because they can stream 5000 plus steaming channels where ever and when ever they want.

It is very easy to connect Roku to Wi-Fi if you want to connect it to another location, but make sure that the location has Wi-Fi, the TV has the HDMI connection and you have the password of that location network.

Some uncomplicated steps are below with the help of which you can enjoy your favorite streaming channels or connect Roku to Wi-Fi.

Follow these Steps to Connect Roku to Wi-Fi

1) Whether you have Roku stick or box, firstly plug it in to power and the TV.

2) After plug in, take the remote and press Home button on it.

3) Now in the Roku onscreen menu, select the setting option.

4) Then go to Network and click Set Up Connection.

5) Select the option Wireless and let your device scan for the networks.

6) From all the appeared networks select your correct network.

7) After establishing the network connection then select I am at hotel or college dorm.

8) Now take your phone, tablet or laptop and go to Wi-Fi setting. Don’t forget to connect it to the same network that you had selected for your Roku.

9) Roku link and password will display on your TV screen, then connect it on your phone, tablet or on your laptop.

Note: During authentication if time runs out then select try again.

10) Enter all required information like your name, room number, etc.

11) Roku device will take you back to network menuafter Wi-Fi setup is confirmed. The network name should be same as a hotel or college dorm.

12) After all the steps the status will stated as connected.

Now, after successful connection setup process, you can also connect yourself with your favorite streaming channels. If you are still in trouble and confused in between your way to connect Roku to Wi-Fi then pick your phone and chat with our expert team. Roku Error Code 009 are available for you to get you out from all the troubles of connectivity.

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