How to Turn off Roku

how to turn off Roku

How to Turn off Roku

Roku streaming players don’t come up with the power button to turn Off your Roku directly. It is designed to remain On to connect to the internet for software updates and downloads. Although it has faster performance and simple interference, it has many features that lead the user puzzled. How to turn Roku off is one from all puzzles which swirl in some users’ mind. But don’t worry every puzzle has some ways to get solved and just like that Turning Roku off is not rocket science.

Read on to get the way to turn Roku off whether it is an old device or has brand new features. With our guidance and some clicks, you can easily turn Off the Roku device whenever you want. So grab the below tricks for your own suitable Roku device.

It is obvious to wonder and search for ways to turning off Roku if you have Roku 3 or an older device because it is not designed with an On and Off button which you can press directly to switch it off. But with our following few tips, you can turn Off your Roku 3.

  1. One way to turn off Roku 3 and save your power is to unplug the power cable directly from the power outlet. Unplugging the cord completely turns off the device.
  2. You can also make use of a power strip to turn off Roku by plugging your Roku into a power strip. If your Roku player is not in use then you can simply turn off the power strip and can save the consumable power.
    Note: Make sure you will be well aware of the fact that the Roku device will boot every time you turn it On and take some time if there is any update available to download.

Follow steps to Turn Off Roku 4

Updated features in Roku 4 will lead you to the simplest method to Turn Off Roku devices which you can’t access in Roku 3 and older devices. You can easily turn off Roku by the following demonstrated steps.

1) Initially you have to go to Settings.

2) After Settings you need to choose System.

3) Now select the option of Power.

4) Selecting the Power option will show you 3 below options.

  • Auto Power-off: Navigate to Auto Power Off option turn off Roku 4 within 30 seconds only.
  • Power Off: Click the option of Power Off if you want to shut down the device.
  • System Restart: The option of System Restart will help you to restart the device.

This is the best feature of Roku 4 which is not available in other devices of Roku 1, 2, or 3.

How to unlock Roku

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If you are looking for a method to unlock the Roku device, then unfortunately you will not get any because it is not applicable, but yes, you can access “Screen mirroring” or “Screen Casting” through Roku mobile application. You will be able to see on TV whatever you will play on your smartphone or laptop and you can’t use any other feature on your mobile phone during Screen mirroring. To access the screen mirroring feature follow the steps shared below.

1) Initially activate the screen mirroring application on your smartphone or laptop.
2) Now grab your remote and press the Home button on the remote.

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3) Select Setting then select System and after that click the Screen mirroring option.

4) Choose Prompt on the Screen Mirroring Window. Prompt will always appear on the screen whenever you do screen mirroring. Choose Always Allow option to avoid pop up of Prompt every time you access Screen Mirroring.

5) Select the option Allow to play the videos on your phone or laptop and it will start displaying  on your Roku TV

How to Unlock Roku Stick

Check out the below points if you are searching the solution to unlock the Roku stick.

1) Connect your TV to the Wireless network.

2) Take your smartphone and connect to the same wireless network.

3) Activate the Screen Mirroring application on your phone.

4) From all the devices that appear on your mobile phone select your Roku device.

5) Now grab your remote and press the Home button.

6) Go to Settings and select System option.

7) Then select Screen Mirroring option

8) Click Always Allow to enable the Screen Mirroring.

9) Now play any video on your phone and enjoy it on your TV.

How to unlock Roku Premiere

At Roku stores sometimes you will be unable to see some private channels. But you can easily unlock Roku Channels by our guidance. What you need to do is know the unique code to unlock it. Here are some steps you can follow and can unlock Roku channels.

1) Firstly switch On your Roku TV and visit the official site.

2) Select the option of My Account.

3) Enter your email ID and password in the respective field and click Sign in.

4) Now navigate to the Manage Account Menu and click Add Channels With The Code.

5) Note the channel code appeared in the table.

6) Type the code in the respective field and select Add Channels.
7) Warning signs will appear on your Roku TV. Then you have to click OK. 
8) Click Yes, Add Channel to confirm.

The channel will not unlock on the spot. It may take one day to unlock Roku Channels.

Providing assistance to each and every Roku related problem is our almost approach, that’s why we are available 24/7 here. You just need to ring a bell on 1-855-945-3209 and we will be happy to assist you on the spot for your further queries.

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