How to Fix Roku Error Code 005

Roku Error Code 005

Follow Steps to Fix Roku Error Code 005

Fix Roku error code 005 with simple steps and guide. I am damn sure you were initially setting up your Roku express when you found this error. Because it usually occurs when your Roku Express successfully connected to the network, internet and local network and you Press the OK button as per the instruction to press it for the necessary update. Then what you have noticed that the progress isn’t moving further from 0% and after a few seconds it shows as the software update server could not be reached. 

Solution: Roku Error Code 005

Do Not Press the OK Button

Do not press the OK Button but if you have already selected it and the error is showing on your screen then unplug you Roku Express and again do plug-in to get back to the OK Button screen that was showing before for necessary update.

Access the Secret Screen

To access the Secret Screen press the remote button in the following way. Home Button (5 times) Fast Forward Button (3 times) Rewind Button (2 times)

Verify the IP Address

On the Secret Screen verify that the IP Address is not “” then with help of remote move below towards the “Update Software” and then press the OK button from your remote.

Then the software will get updated after the completion of progress from 0% to 100%.
Now you can easily set up your Roku Express with no more distraction.

Roku Error Code 005

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  1. You get to see this error when you are working with downloading the Roku software updates. For any network connectivity reason, the process terminates. As a result, you see Roku error code 005 on display

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