Resolving Roku Error Code 014

Roku Error Code 014

Resolve Roku error code 014 : Roku streaming devices give extreme pleasure when it comes to entertainment but all that glee falls apart while seeing some error codes reflecting on the TV screen. Resolving any error code is not a Gordian knot , if one is familiar with appropriate troubleshooting. Then why to worry and to think so much? Just stick with some steps and say the error codes adieu within a moment. 

Roku streaming device installs all the latest software and applications on its own when connected to a WIFI network. But what if the device finds some difficulty or unable to connect with the WIFI network? Yes exactly, this is the phase when a Roku Network error code 014 reflects which is not something strange. It is a very common and frequent issue. There are some effortless and uncomplicated resolving ways to tackle with the warning of Roku Network error code 014 appearing on the screen. So Grab and try the easiest steps shared below to get rid of this warning.

Steps need to follow for Resolving Roku Network Error Code 014

1) Disable Network Pings

With the help of Roku remote, we can disable the network pings and can resolve the issue visualizing on the screen. On the remote firstly press the Home button 5 times, then the Fast Forward button 1 time, then the Play button 1 time, then the Rewind button 1 time, then the Play button 1 time and at last press the Fast Forward button 1 Time.

[Home button(5 time) Fast Forward(1 time) Play Button(1 time) Rewind Button(1 time) Play Button(1 time) Fast Forward(1 time)]  

This will land you to the Platform Secret Screen where you will find an option of Disable Network pings. Click that Disable Network Pings option. After selecting, it will be shown as Enable Network pings. Here you made it. Here you are successful in disabling the network pings which also mean that you are successful in resolving the Roku Network Error code 014.

2) Update the Software

Second step you can approach for resolving the same error is Software Update. As the device is not connected with the wifi network which is needed to update the software, so reset your wifi setting and try to link it with any additional network. Or you can directly connect the Ethernet cable which is popular for sharing the internet access.

With the help of Roku remote press the Home Button 5 times, then press the Fast Forward Button 3 times, after that press the Rewind Button for 2 times.

Home Button(5 times) Fast Forward Button(3 times) Rewind Button(2 times)

It will take you to the Secret Screen where you will find an option of Update Software. After choosing or selecting the Update Software option, the Roku the player should now restart. With all this you will not see the warning pop up of Roku Network Error code 014 on the screen.

Errors of the Roku devices are the barriers between you and the entertainment. So, the above less time-consuming ways can be proven beneficial in resolving the Roku Network Error code 014.

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  1. Sometimes when your Roku device faces issues while connecting to the internet, then this error 014 occurs. While doing Roku setup with your WiFi network, you receive this error message.
    Main Reasons behind Roku Error 014
    1 Incorrect WiFi password
    2 Router’s long distance from TV and Device
    3 Problem with network settings.
    4 Antivirus or firewall may have blocked the access of Roku to the Internet.
    5 You might have enabled the white list on your device.

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