How to Fix Roku Error Code 018

Roku Error Code 018

Fix Roku Error Code 018

To stream the videos, Roku needs a strong internet connection. Slow or Poor internet speed will lead you to the Roku Error Code 018. Yes, it is due to the slow speed of the internet, poor signals, and connectivity issues. To be sure about the issue of signals strength you firstly need to check it first.

To check the Strength of the network, firstly go to “Setting”, and then select “Network” and then it will allow you to see the signals strength on the screen as Poor, Fair, Good or Excellent. If the strength of the signals is good or excellent then there is no issue in the strength. So you can try the above-written solution in “Point 2”.

But if the signals are shown as Poor or fair then try to implement the steps given below:

  1. Move the Router near to the Roku device.
  2. Things come between the Router and Roku can turn as obstacles so make sure you keep them aside.
  3. Move the Router and Roku device above high
  4. Try to move the router antennas to change its direction

Or you can also connect the Ethernet wire which provides the strong networks than the wireless network.

Follow Steps to Fix Error Code

You can check out the issue by checking your WiFi network and connecting Roku to it.

Update and get your WiFi network to work correctly.

Make sure your Roku links to your WiFi network properly.

To test Internet speed, use free online tools.

Call your ISP for slow internet speed problem.

Reduce traffic across the network by eliminating other users from the network.

To get more information on fixing either of these or other Roku error codes; you can contact the experts at Roku.

Thankfully this Roku error code guide will help you solve some problems.

If you have any other errors or solutions then feel free to share with us or contact us!

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